Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

Swedish Massage

This is the perfect modality to relieve the stress and tightness caused by your hectic life, so that you can return to your schedule refreshed and rejuvenated. Blending Swedish and circulatory massage strokes, Cate will gently knead your muscles to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation and promote relaxation.

Deep Tissue

Cate’s philosophy of Deep Tissue bodywork is that it is dynamic; which is an interplay between direct pressure, movement and breathe. These components are coupled with the intention of enlivening the body and reorganizing the bodies holding tendencies. If your lifestyle involves sports or you’re deeply stressed, this massage is designed to loosen you up. Cate will focus on specific areas for deeper relief using slow stroke techniques.

Somatic Bodywork

Cranial Sacral
A gentle energetic approach to massage assists the body in its own natural healing capability. As a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Cate tunes into layers of restriction and particular strain patterns in the body using gentle sustained pressure to release fascia, muscular and membranous restriction. 

If you are feeling under the weather or experiencing pain, Cate will recommend the gentle nature of this massage. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” and seeks to restore balance to the body’s vital energy. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, removes energy blockages, detoxifies the body and increases overall wellbeing. 

Asian Bodywork

More info coming soon!

Cupping Therapy
Cate specializes in Cupping therapy.  Cupping is a lesser-known treatment that is also part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is one that can provide a surprisingly pleasant experience. Cate exclusively uses manual vacuum suction cups and sometimes will use magnetic cups in her sessions. In a cupping treatment, the suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. Cupping is used to relieve: back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.

Medical Tui Na (Pronounced Tway-naw)
Is a therapeutic form of clothed  massage that has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. This therapy makes use of rhythmic compression, gliding and rocking techniques along the meridian channels of the body. The main benefit of TuiNa is that it focuses on the specific problem, whether it is an acute or a chronic pain associated with the joints, muscles or skeletal system. The technique is very beneficial in reducing pain of neck, shoulders, hips, back, arms, thighs, legs and ankle issues. Many clients find that Tui Na is great for balancing both physical and mental health.

Lymphatic Massage

Using massage and then gentle, rhythmic pumping techniques, Cate will focus on certain lymph nodes and points of the body to stimulate and improve flow of lymphatic fluid. This lymphatic drainage reduces blockages of system and can assist in detoxification, which in turn promotes a healthier body.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

This special time in your life brings its own unique joys. And some aches and pains you may never have experienced before. Have no worries, you’re in good hands with you massage therapist, Cate. Specially trained for this modality, Cate will settle you into a safe, secure and restful position, then gently ease away all of the stress and strain on your body.

Postnatal Massage
Can be as important as prenatal massage. Postpartum massage is an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood. The many benefits include: Relaxation, Reduced swelling, Better Sleep and Improved Breastfeeding. Trained in Advanced therapy, Cate’s skilled touch can help restore your body to it’s pre-pregnancy condition and help speed healing and assist with C-section recovery.


 Mobile Prenatal, Postnatal Massage and Bodywork (cost includes gratuity and therapist travel expenses):

60 Minute session: $125
90 Minute session: $160 

*Packages for a reduced rate available!

**Ask me about my military and first responder rates, you may qualify for a discounted rate!