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Welcome to my new website! Cate Lightfoot Therapeutic Massage and Wellness is pleased to offer you a brand new way to keep in touch with the spa when you aren’t here with me. Through this blog, I hope to bring you the latest in bodywork, self care , and spa trends, as well as fresh information on alternative health strategies. 

This has been a long time coming and a labor of love.  I am so grateful to be doing work that I am truly passionate about.  Massage Therapy changed my life; I beleive it can change yours too. Self-care was a huge gap missing in my life, and I learned to start taking better care of myself by going to get a regular massage.   I noticed how great I felt for days afterward – I had more self confidence, more self compassion and patience. soon I began to day dream about becoming a massage therapist myself.  In August 2015 I took the leap and dove head first into the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis.  I graduated the Institute in January 2016 , and have been loving every minute since I began. I have been putting the skills that I learned at MTI to work! It’s an incredible feeling  pass this work on to others through therapeutic massage.  It definitely feels like I’ve come full circle!  

Love and Light,


Link to Massage Therapy Institute

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