Welcome to Cate Lightfoot Therapeutic Massage & Wellness

Bringing clients Relief and Rejuvenation through therapeutic massage with a focus on Relaxation,  Somatics, Asian body work, Prenatal and Postpartum  Massage therapy.  Postpartum Doula Services available too.

Cate Lightfoot Therapeutic Massage and Wellness specializes in crafting massage to Relax, Revitalize and Re-harmonize the whole person. Cate specializes in Swedish Massage, Prenatal/Perinatal Massage, Somatic_(Trauma) bodywork, Cupping Therapy, and Asian bodywork including medical Tui Na. Cate also offers Postpartum Doula services for families seeking support in the first few months of a new life.




Monday: 9am – 4pm | 7pm – 10pm
Tuesday: 9am – 4pm | 7pm – 10pm
Wednesday: 9am – 4pm | 7pm – 10pm
Thursday: 9am – 4pm | 7pm – 10pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm | 7pm – 10pm
Saturday: 7am – 3pm
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